Successful business relationships - with customers, partners, or suppliers - rely on the ability to make intelligent and critical decisions based on a complete, integrated view of the business. Today, with information available from a variety of data sources such as the Internet, call centers, information kiosks and more, companies can get their fingers on the pulse of their businesses very quickly, provided their data is fresh, integrated and performs amidst high utilization and voluminous work load. A complete, high-quality data warehouse, coupled with the right data mining applications can provide the strategic advantage needed to stay ahead in the marketplace.

Key Business Solutions delivers value-added business intelligence and data warehouse strategic and tactical solutions to its clients. Our approach to data warehousing is structured on the view that data warehousing is not onlya technical project, but also a project that combines highly skilled functional and technical People with clear, defined Processes to utilize proven Technology and create a user-oriented solution. Our data warehouse methodology has been developed and refined through the performance of numerous enterprise data warehouse projects and specifically addresses the unique complexities of the data warehousing process. Accordingly, our solution is based upon strong user involvement in a prototyping approach managed by seasoned data warehousing experts. The final product serves to support long-term objectives, tactical business plans and on-going operational business processes. Our optimally priced, low risk approach delivers a quality and lasting business intelligence solution.

    Key Business Solutionsprovides expertise in the following areas:
  • Data Auditing
  • Data Mining
  • Data Scrubbing & Data Cleansing
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Logical OLAP Data Modeling
  • OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing)

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