The web culture is placing special demands on software product companies to respond to the market on 'Internet' time. Key Business Solutionsoffers strategy, content, engineering process, and technology consulting to help software product companies deal effectively with changing demands and continue to build great products. . A Key Business Solutions ability we have is to work with startup as well as established software product companies in providing engineering bandwidth from concept-to-launch. We currently have product co-development initiatives with numerous communication and internet infrastructure companies that are creating the building blocks for the digital economy.

Drawing on the multi-dimensional expertise gathered over many years of software experience and a well-honed methodology for Rapid Application Development, we make sure that our clients' products hit the market faster than their competitors. Our dedicated Center for Software Excellence becomes a virtual extension of a software product company's execution capabilities – significantly reducing costs and time-to-market. Our value proposition is the following:

  • Faster Time-To-Market Products
  • Rapid Response Project Team Mobilization
  • Dedicated & Secured Infrastructure
  • Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Offshore Model

Key Business Solutions offers depth of experience in the following collaborative areas: Product Development & Testing, Customization & Porting, Base Technology Enhancement, Code Perfection and Product Sustenance. Key Business Solutions can also help in extending your maintenance bandwidth by taking on maintenance tasks while your core engineering teams focus on bringing the new release to market. We have well-defined transition models that deliver rapid-relief, low-risk support to your software maintenance needs.

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