Data Marts

Original generation of data warehousing started with building with federated data marts and generation of department specific reports and dashboards. Depending on the business need corporation’s setup the data marts ranging from small 500 GB – 1 TB and beyond. We can help you setup your data marts and integrate with other systems for data intake as well as help you generate the specific reports and dashboards you are looking for. Sometime with the federated data marts, velocity (time to deliver) is crucial as and we adapt to your timelines for delivery. We have Agile and classic deliver models that helps to cater to required timelines

Other aspect of small to medium scale reporting is OLAP and cubes. Facts and dimensions based cubes serve a great deal to departments and organizations in general. We have capabilities to define, design, build and populate analytical cubes for any of your transactional based systems or data bases, so your organization is empowered to make decisions using your valuable data. Our experienced professionals can help with developing any complex, multi-dimensional cubes or modifying to fit your latest business needs. Our experts can also help with maintaining and resolving any performance issues with your cube environments.

Integration of data, whether large or small data, is crucial to success of any BI and Analytics delivery. We help you establish good Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) strategy for your organization with industry best practices and standards. Our ETL team is highly experienced and skilled to write highly effective and quick ETL codes. We offer ETL expertize in various industry standard tools and technologies. If your organization is planning to venture into a new ETL tool, we can help with the ETL jobs migrations.

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